VDO TIS-Web 5.0 Advance Subscriptions

Using TIS-Web 5.0 means unlimited management of digital tachograph data.

TIS-Web 5.0 Archiving and analysis software is the ultimate VDO fleet tool and enables you to store tachograph data and driver data in accordance with legal retention periods of 2. The legal retention period of 7 years is available for Belgium. Subsequently, the program offers numerous possibilities to create reports, analyze data and use all this information to optimize the performance of drivers and vehicles. With this online solution you have access to your data anytime, anywhere. TIS-Web 5.0 is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to comply with legal rules without taking too much time.

TIS-Web 5.0 is the latest version and successor to TIS-Web 4.9 and is available in a Basic and Advanced version.

TIS-Web 5.0 supports all types of tachographs, from the 2019 DTCO 4.0 which complies with the latest EU regulations up to and including the first and second generation tachograph cards.

VDO TIS-Web 5.0 Advance Subscriptions

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